Together with our financial partner, Aktivbank, we implement one of the most modern settlement systems:

Benefits for our industry partners:

  • DBH suppliers have no receivables risk – 100% del credere protection
  • DBH suppliers therefore do not need any goods credit insurance
  • Liability of the DBH-central regulation is unlimited – no upper limit
  • no additional costs for execution of claims
  • Regulation takes place according to fixed dates – fixed liquidity plans possible
  • DBH suppliers reduce their booking effort– one payment instead of many to cover all debtors at the regulation date

Benefits for our shareholders:

  • DBH shareholders have no upper liability limits – turnover increase will not fail due to bureaucracy
  • DBH shareholders are not jointly and severally liable for the del credere service – Aktivbank offers security
  • Regulation takes place according to fixed dates – precise liquidity plans for the shareholders are possible

All in all – the most efficient, simplest, safest and best settlement system we know: DBH central regulation!


100% bonus distributions for our members

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